Why do we deny sex to Priests, Bishops, Nuns, and Gurus?

Economics in action

My home state – Kerala – is brimming with sex scandals in the church. A bishop and a number of priests are alleged to have sexually exploited women including nuns. Some of them seem to have used `confessions’ before the priest to blackmail a woman to get sexual favors. The head of a Hindu sect has died in Karnataka recently and there are stories of his (confessions of) secret relationships with women. A couple of Gurus are in jail in India for one or other rape or sexual harassment case. Catholic Church all over the world is troubled by the allegations of pedophilia.

We need to understand the clandestine sexual relationships of these `divine’ intermediaries. As a liberal like many readers of this blog, I do view sex as one of the basic human and biological need. However, these divine intermediaries – let us call them DI for simplicity –…

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