Program Specialist (Training and Counselling) @ TechnoServe

TechnoServe India’s Youth Employability Program
Title: Program Specialist (Training and Counselling)
Reporting Supervisor: Senior Project Manager
Location: Mumbai, India
Joining by 1 Sept 2018

What you are signing up for
TechnoServe ( is actively scaling-up up our Youth Employability Program team that works passionately towards tackling the ever-growing skill gap challenge faced by youth in developing countries like India.

Through our proven program design we work to identify, skill and empower underprivileged youth (age 18- 25, college dropout/college going/recent graduates) through a combination of skills training, career counselling support and corporate linkages. The program embeds itself in the ecosystem of existing education providers and works to create system level change and student empowerment. The program has worked with over 2500 students in Mumbai in the last two years and is at an exciting stage in its growth. We are actively looking to build on the transformative change we have catalysed on the ground and expanding this to empower more young people across the city and beyond. The program’s success hinges on – young people passionate about other young people, thinking and executing ground-level initiatives that have a measurable impact on youth employability issues, a data-driven yet empathetic approach to managing the dynamic ecosystem and lastly a zeal to take good ideas to scale.

IF this program is for you, you have are young, talented and looking to commit your energy to changing the course of youth employability issues in India.

The Job
We are looking for individuals that will demonstrate a keen interest to work with youth and youth issues. The program itself encompasses a host of activities including but not limited to community mobilization, student engagement, curriculum building, training, counselling and corporate outreach through linkages.

Program Specialists in Training and Counselling will typically work with students full time through providing extensive and high quality training and counselling. They will also be able to provide innovations and improvisations to building a truly exciting youth employability program, through work and feedback from on-ground program activities. We encourage a collaborative culture and anyone willing to go the extra-mile for their work!

Preferred Skills & Experience
This role calls for an intrinsically motivated and passionate individual, looking to make a career in development work, project management and implementation. Training students will be a primary responsibility and based on interest and abilities, you will be able to contribute to other programmatic areas. Preferred skills include –
– High-performers and individuals with an enterprising streak
– Graduates with 1 – 5 years of work experience in Development Operations/Private-Sector
– Master’s Degree in Development/Social Work/Business/Psychology (Preferred)
– Willingness to travel across Mumbai
– An openness to learn and deploy various strategies in training
– Keen to work on challenging behaviour change interventions and situations
– Demonstrated ability to work in a diverse team
– Excellent written and oral communication skills

Applications to be sent to Rashmita Sathyanarayan and Shruti Bharath at with a cover letter and CV. TechnoServe is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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