Position at TCIS, Hyderabad

Applications are invited from eligible candidates for the following two posts in Science Education under the project, “Curiosity and questioning among school students”. This is an R&D project associated with TCIS Hyderabad’s school outreach program: http://www.tifrh.res.in/~outreach/index.php/school-outreach/ , and supervised by Prof. Jayashree Ramadas.

S. No.


Required qualification

Desired skills

Fellowship per month

Last date



JRF: Master’s degree or graduate in a professional course

Quantitative/qualitative analysis of large datasets

Willingness to cross disciplinary boundaries

Effective science teaching and communication skills to interact with students

Knowledge of Python, R or any other programming language; an interest in natural language processing is an added advantage

25000/- + HRA / accommodation




SRF: a) 2 years JRF experience and qualification same as JRF or b) Master’s degree in a professional course (like M. Tech.)

PDF: Ph.D. thesis submitted or degree awarded

Apart from the above skills, the candidate is expected to have:

A high level of critical thinking and analytical skills of both qualitative and quantitative types

Wide range of reading; interest in and knowledge about students, schooling and societal issues

28000/- + HRA / accommodation

32000/- to 40000/- depending on experience + Contingency + HRA / accommodation


*Total 2 candidates will be selected as JRF, SRF or PDF depending on the applications received.

  • The appointment is purely temporary and there is no right to claim for any regular appointment with TCIS,


  • To apply, please email your CV and a one-page write-up highlighting your interest in science education, particularly in relation to the subject of curiosity and questioning, to Dr. Debashree Sengupta (debashreesengupta@tifrh.res.in ) on or before 10-08-2018.

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