Photograph 51: Award winning play on the race to solve the secret of Life

Bangalore Little Theatre is pleased to present our flagship production “Photograph 51”.
This award winning play by  by Anna Ziegler is being produced for the first time in India. This play is the 16th play  under the History of ideas programme. The essence of the programme is the production of plays based on the lives of great personalities who have contributed significantly to human thought in a demanding historical context. It is a very effective combination of entertainment values along with educational objectives. The goal of the programme is to achieve a wide public reach using biographical plays as a vehicle for inspiration regarding creative human endeavour and public awareness regarding the shaping of societies. Playwrights around the world have admired the programme and have offered their scripts to us.


Plot synopsis
England, 1953. Scientists are on the verge of discovering what they call the secret of life: the structure of the DNA. Competition was high as various groups across the world were trying to the mystery of the DNA structure. Once the structure was solved, they hoped they can better understand how genetic information gets passed between generations. Providing the key to this is a driven young physicist Rosalind Franklin. But if the double helix was the breakthrough of the 20th century, then what kept Franklin out of the history books? This play is about ambition, isolation, and the race for greatness. Something that can happen in any workplace let alone in a Nobel prize winning race.

The title of the play comes from Photograph 51, the nickname given to an X-ray diffraction image taken by Raymond Gosling in May, 1952, under the supervision of Rosalind Franklin.


Snigdha Kundu, Sarena Beriwala, Deepak Padaki,Venkataraghavan Srinivasan, Sanjeev Gadre, Abhijit Raghunathan, Manish Sharma, Solomon Paramel, GuruPrerna Shabadi, Nevin Pearl, Abhishek Sundaravadanan, Deepak Mote

Public Shows

Venue Date Timings Timings
Alliance Francaise    22  July   4:00 P.M 7:30 P.M
Jagriti 27 July 8:00 P.M
Jagriti 28 July 3:00 P.M 6:30 P.M
Jagriti 29 July 3:00 P.M 6:30 P.M


Tickets available on  Book my show and venue.


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