Introducing United Way (of Hyderabad) | Reach out for collaborations

United Way is world’s largest privately funded NGO based in 41 countries with 1800 local united ways and a proven track record of raising 6 billion dollars annually towards charity. United Way believes in collective impact by partnering with the community stakeholders i.e. Governments, NGOs and donors. Our stakeholders place high trust in United Way’s unique decentralized funding model enriching work collaboration.

In India, United Way strives towards advancing the common good with a vision to build strong communities. United Way of Hyderabad (UWH), over the last seven years, has carved itself a niche in developing and designing high impact projects in the areas viz. Education, Health, Livelihoods and Environment. UWH, in collaboration with 70 NGO partners and 20 corporate donors has been successful in designing and executing projects, making a direct impact on 1,85,000+ lives.

Other local United Ways in India:

United Way BarodaUnited Way MumbaiUnited Way DelhiUnited Way ChennaiUnited Way KolkataUnited Way Bengaluru

Here is the attached brief about UWH [ UWH_Brief ] . If you are interested to know more information you can get in touch with  Nagabhushan Reddy

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