Research Associate with CMS

Position: Associate – Research Location: Bangalore


  • ●  Tool Development: The associate will be responsible for development and testing of quantitative and qualitative study tools to be used in assignments. This will include exploring and adapting existing tools for appropriate assignments.
  • ●  Qualitative research: Lead and assist in qualitative data collection and documentation of research assignments with the senior team.
  • ●  Developing Quantitative Research Designs and Proposal development: The associate will also be responsible for inputs on quantitative study designs, and for writing and providing support on proposals. This includes support on sampling and research methods.
  • ●  Support the Unit and its partnerships: through focus on producing high quality research findings, which are useful and used in sectoral decisions, policies and programmes effectively. Provide the team support in innovating and adapting new tools that improve the way research is conducted and how the information is used in decision and policy making.
  • ●  Report-writing: Support the rest of the research team in writing of research reports, proposals
  • ●  Developing content: The associate will be responsible for content development through research studies. Refining reports and presentation and making it more user friendly and consumable
  • ●  Project Management: Support the reporting manager in leading teams. This includes implementation planning, follow-ups on tasks, and supporting the team in successful execution of the assignment.
  • ●  Data Analysis: The associate will be primarily responsible for quantitative and qualitative data analysis on assignments. This also includes text mining from primary data collected for reports and presentations.
  • ●  Contribute to writing of articles, papers in journals and for internal publications

Details here [ JD Research Associate_CMS ]

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