Sign the Petition: ‘Kodaikanal Still Won’t’ spotlights Unilever’s double standards

This multigenre music video, fusing rap, carnatic and gaana kuthu at spotlights multinational Unilever’s double standards and its refusal to apply the globally accepted environmental standards in India. In 2001, Unilever dumped toxic mercury in the South Indian hill town of Kodaikanal, poisoning its workers and the forest. It took 15 years of campaigning and a rap song that went viral to force Unilever to settle with its workers. But the mercury-tainted factory site continues to leak the deadly neurotoxin into the environment and the forests nearby. Unilever refuses to apply the same standards of clean-up for India that it would have to in Europe. That is Environmental Racism.

It is up to us to remind Unilever to treat all people equally. We need your support to get Unilever to shed its double standards. Please sign and circulate the petition at:

If you are in India, you can also give a missed call to +917338730702 to register your endorsement of the petition.

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