India Ripple Academy Learning Lab for Women Environmental Leaders

We are now launching the first phase of our Ripple Academy – a global training program that equips women leaders with resources and tools to grow their high-impact environmental solutions.

This year, we are launching a series of Ripple Academy Learning Labs (pilot programs) leading up to our year-long program launch in 2019. Our first Learning Lab will take place in India this September-October. We would love to invite you and your network to participate. Applications are due July 16. 

The regional Learning Labs are 3-day workshops plus 2 months of online training for women leaders transforming environmental crises into solutions in their communities. Through this unique forum for discussion, training, and action, women environmental leaders will strengthen their work, increase impact, and access resilience and empowerment through connection with other women leaders. They will also contribute to the year-long program by contributing feedback and content for the year-long Ripple Academy program.

Our first regional Learning Lab will take place September-October with weekly online checkins and an in-person gathering September 14-16 in Rishikesh, India. The India Learning Lab will be co-hosted with our partner United Religions Initiative (URI).

Based on your great work with women in seed saving, agriculture, and environmental solutions, we are reaching out to invite you and your network of aligned organizations to join us in inviting promising Indian women grassroots environmental leaders to apply to participate. Please find more information about the program below, as well as the application here to share with your network and any promising applicants. 

India Ripple Academy Learning Lab

September 14-16, 2018

A 3-day workshop about the power of women leaders to transform environmental crises into solutions

The India Ripple Academy Learning Lab offers a unique forum for discussion, training, and action with grassroots women leaders who are protecting our earth and empowering communities.

Through the Ripple Academy Learning Lab, women environmental leaders will strengthen their work, increase impact, and access resilience and empowerment through connection with other women leaders.

We consider environmental leaders to be women who are working broadly in sectors like safe drinking water, sustainable farming, clean cookstoves, seed saving, women’s land ownership and/or stewardship, ecotourism, food security, community disaster preparedness, and climate resilience.

Who are the participants?

An ideal candidate is a woman who is:

  • Active in non-profit leadership, grassroots advocacy, business, or community organizing
  • Recognized by her peers as a leader in her issue area
  • Skilled in building networks and forging diverse partnerships within her community
  • Currently engaged in a project or has a project concept with an environmental focus as defined above
  • Affiliated with an organization or experienced network in an environmental sector
  • Interested in engaging women from different cultural, faith, and belief traditions
  • Committed to growing her personal skills and capacity in order to strengthen her work
  • Willing and able to invest 3 full days in a workshop, plus preparation work and communication before and after the workshop
  • Strong in literacy and arithmetic skills and has familiarity with budgets

What participants can expect?

Participants will engage in a 3-day workshop with other selected women leaders in India. Learning Lab content will include:

  • Trainings on project design and management for impact, entrepreneurship, fundraising and marketing strategies, leadership, and special topics on environmental sectors
  • Discussion forums to share challenges, solutions, questions, and resources
  • Relationship-building with other women leaders, potential mentors, and specialists
  • Activities to celebrate our unique cultural traditions (dances, songs, stories)
  • Exercises to promote self-care and resilience
  • Before the Learning Lab: Preparation exercises, readings, and at least one group call
  • After the Learning Lab: Invitation for follow up group calls, reflection exercises, and collaboration with women environmental leaders globally

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