Something Wrong with the Liberals’ View on BJP and Narendra Modi

Economics in action

There was a palpable relief among the liberals in India when a non-BJP coalition could form the government in Karnataka. That is also the case whenever BJP loses by-elections to national and state-level legislatures. In my view, there is a need to question this attitude.

Needless to mention that I am not a fan of the Hindutva politics of the BJP. I have no interest in demonstrating loyalty to that party. Even if I am an opportunist, I am not a fool to do so at a juncture when the popularity of Narendra Modi has started to decline in most parts of India. My argument is simple: There is an excessive anxiety about the ascendance and power of the BJP and Modi, and that is not based on a grounded understanding of Indian reality.

I will argue my case in the simplest possible manner. Take the state of Odisha. Biju…

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