Education Coach and Regional Coaches @ XSEED

XSEED is looking for Education Coach and Regional Education Coaches (both young and experienced teaching professionals) to anchor our program implementation in 3000+ schools.

About Us:

XSEED has gained a reputation as one of the most exciting education companies in the world today. It is currently expanding its international footprint. XSEED’s core capability lies in the learning, teaching, and assessment of K-8 children. Its flagship school program educates over one million children, through 75,000 re-skilled teachers, in close to 3,000 schools. While it is for-profit, it views itself as a social business. Do take a few minutes to watch  Talk @ MIT Legatum, What is XSEED? 2 min Video and XSEED in Classroom to see the impact we are making. The XSEED team includes passionate and competent professionals including alumni of Harvard, IIT, IIMs and TFI.

Education Coach Role: ​

  • An Education Coach at XSEED you will be the face of XSEED in 30-50 member schools. You will own high quality academic implementation in schools by coaching teachers in the classroom, resolving implementation challenges and building relationship with school leaders. Specifically, the role require
  • Impart training workshops, demonstration classes, classroom observation with the teachers and orient parents
  • Identify, respond to and resolve all academic, servicing and logistical problems in real-time by communicating clearly across all level
  • Communicate and maintain high degree of satisfaction with all stakeholders (Owner, Principal, Teachers, Parents
  • Position the XSEED program value-proposition to retain our school relationship every year and upgrading schools to our full program offering


  • D​elhi
  • ​​AP
  • Karnataka( Ballari, Belgaum)

Regional Education Coach Role:

  • This is a very exciting opportunity to impact the learning of 50,000-100,000 children by leading academic implementation, teacher training & coaching, customer relationship and change management in 100-200 XSEED member schools (mostly affordable private schools situated in tier 2 & 3 towns). We are selecting a small group of professional for this role who come with 3 critical ingredients
  • Deep passion for education backed by ability to demonstrate effective classroom practices, teacher professional development and academic problem resolution
  • Ability to manage a small (5-10 member) team of education coaches and demanding customers
  • Willingness to stretch in a demanding context that involves extensive travel to small tier 2&3 towns, persuade skeptical stakeholders and resolve breakdowns


Locations: Maharashtra , Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu

​ (Ability to speak in local language in respective reg​ion is mandatory)

Please write in to

Candidate Briefing Pack_XSEED_Education Coach

JD XSEED Regional Education Coach


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