Kshamtalaya: Positions Open for a Learning Revolution

Kshamtalaya is a non- profit company with a vision of creating happy and learning communities. We aim to do this by bringing around a qualitative shift in learning in government schools by creating a movement of grassroots development professionals in education.

As we find ourselves in an invisible education crisis, we are searching for those who think and act differently to join us, for those who want to search for alternatives in education by putting themselves at the center of the craziness that surrounds us, for those who see education as a process to find self and explore systems around to fulfill our own potential. This is a call for those who see potential in Humans and not resources and capital. We invite you to join us in search for self in one of the most marginalized settings of India yet classically picturesque.

We are looking for FOUR Learning Revolutionaries and ONE Chief Learning Movement Officer to join this movement for our Delhi Operations.

The role and responsibilities for both the positions alongside the process to apply is attached below. The applications are invited on the rolling basis and the deadline to apply to be part of the movement is 1st June.

Role Profile_Delhi operations_Chief Learning Movement Officer_Kshamtalaya ]

[ Role Profile_Learning Revolutionary_Kshamtalaya ]

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