Education Coordinator & Teacher at Vision Empower

Role: Full time Education Coordinator & Teacher.

Organization:  Vision Empower ( is a not-for-profit enterprise with a mission to make Science and Mathematics accessible to visually impaired children. We are seeking education coordinators for our pilot project to work alongside the school teacher in teaching Science and Mathematics.

We seek individuals passionate about working with visually impaired children and their teachers, and proficient in teaching Science and Mathematics to help them develop a scientific temperament. Individuals are required to support teachers in planning of curriculum and its administration, and later train teachers in the design of accessible Science and Math curriculum for all grades.

As an education coordinator at Vision Empower (VE), you will:

  • Design accessible Science/Math text book content for visually impaired children
  • Work with VE partners to cater to the educational needs of visually impaired children of all grades
  • Create training material, conduct ongoing training and provide support to Science and Math teachers
  • Monitor impact of the courses, as they are taught in class
  • Upload all educational materials on the learning management system gradewise

Job Requirements

  • Post Graduate Degree in Special Education desirable
  • Graduate Degree in Education required
  • Two to four years of experience in teaching preferred
  • Expertise in curriculum development for Science/Mathematics
  • Ability to lead teaching staff through the academic coursework
  • Excellent skills in communication, leadership, organization and supervision

Applicants may send their CV to

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