GENDER BENDER 2018 : Call for Entries

Gender Bender is a joint project of the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan and Sandbox Collective.
The project is conceived, conceptualised, and curated by Sandbox Collective.

Now in its fourth year, Gender Bender is the first festival of its kind in India that showcases new works of art around gender, as a concept, discourse, construct, and as art itself. In the last four years, it has transformed to more than a showcase festival, and has become a recognised space for conversations on gender with artists and audiences alike.

We invite applications from artists who have things to say and work to display around the ideas of gender, in a way that has never been done before. You are encouraged to approach this theme in a critical way, in relation to your own perspective. The artistic contributions can take any form of expression across different media – from dance to drawing, from photography to pottery, mixed media to mime, and everything in between, so long as it is new work that can be presented, performed, screened, or exhibited to an audience.

The aim of this festival is to contribute to the ever evolving understanding of gender and its implications, to help produce works that re-examine and re-imagine the concept.

To apply:
1. Fill in the application form:
2. Send relevant samples of your previous work, and materials supporting it, including:

a) A short note describing the previous work,
b) A maximum of five photographs of previous work,
c) Video link of previous work (optional), and
d) A write up (not exceeding hundred words) describing the context of your previous work, which deals with notions of gender, giving us an idea of your artistic interest and preoccupation with it.

Please upload all relevant materials to your Google Drive, and send an editable link to Please title the shared folder as, “Your Name- Sample”.

The deadline for the submission of applications is 5 June, 2018.
An independent panel, comprising of eminent individuals in the arts, will shortlist the projects to be supported. Applicants will be informed of their decision by 1 July, 2018.

All shortlisted participants will receive a grant of maximum of INR 30,000 towards the creation of the work, awarded at the discretion of the panel with due reference to your proposal.

Selected projects will be presented in Bangalore between 22 and 26 August, 2018. ;

Goethe-Institut Bangalore, Sandbox Collective

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