Opportunities @ Hunnarshala


We are looking for a program coordinator to help us with coordination of our housing programs, and also other urban programs in the Community Empowerment Unit. They are recommended to have an experience of about 5 years in working with communities and interacting with government bodies. An academic background in social sciences, public policy, built habitat planning or management is desirable, but not necessary. Please write to us with your CV and a cover letter. The last date for application is 4th June 2018.

We have an opening for an architect in the Community Empowerment Unit for someone who enjoys working with people and is open to explore technologies with the artisans. We are looking for someone with an experience of 1-2 years or more. Please write to us with a cover letter, CV and a portfolio (preferably 20 pages or less) containing relevant works. The last date for application is 4th June 2018.

There is a requirement for a senior draughtsperson for the Community Empowerment Unit to assist us with several housing and institutional projects. It is recommended that they have a relevant experience of about 3-5 years in such projects, especially with the implementation phase and have a good hold on construction details. Please apply with your CV and a cover letter.

Looking for a right candidate to work in Nepal for the reconstruction of housing program for atleast 2 years. B.E./ B.Tech in Civil Engineering with a minimum of 7-10 years of experience. Should have knowledge of building by-laws, as well as technical details of construction. Willing to address the technical issues with proper solutions as per Codes/Guidelines/Manuals. Should have computer knowledge to prepare and report in required formats. Having fluency in English language. The candidate should be willing to travel immediately to Nepal.

To apply, email relevant documents to careers.hunnarshala@gmail.com. Please make sure to mention the name of the position you are applying to in the subject of your email.

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