It is possible to have a better life for Scheduled Tribes in India!

Economics in action

I have written about the lack of connection between practice and social science education.  There is no point in merely highlighting what is `missing’. Hence we have started modest initiative in Azim Premji University to document and reflect on those practices which contribute towards social change. This essay is a brief introduction to the first in this series. The details of this case can be read here.

Scheduled Tribes (ST) are at the lowest position in terms of human development indicators in India. More than 3/4th of ST can be reckoned multi-dimensionally poor. There is almost 14 percentage point gap between the literacy rates of Scheduled Tribes and others.  Nearly 50 percent of children from this social group drops out while transitioning from primary to secondary grades.  Nearly 80 percent of them stop education when they are in grade 10.  This is despite the fact that they have…

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