India is likely to face very turbulent times ahead!

Economics in action

 India’s economic and social development encounter certain peculiar challenges, and hence I have argued that the country’s progress could be rather slow. We may not see solutions to these problems emerging quickly or easily. There could be a sharpening of social conflicts due to these issues.

Since India is a democracy, it may not face regime-changing revolutions. This is so since democracy provides opportunities to vent out people’s frustrations and anger. However there can be severe turbulences ahead for the country.  Though there is some awareness, politicians, academics, the middle-class, media and others who are active in policy discussions have not comprehended the severity of these issues. Let me highlight a few of these problems.

The crisis faced by India’s agriculture is known. In my view, this is going to worsen in near future. The average size of land-holing is small and it continues to shrink for a number…

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