Opportunities with Max Foundation

Experience Required :2 Years
Location :Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Opening Date :14 April, 2018
Closing Date :31 May, 2018
Compensation :Rs. 30,000.00 per month
Sector :Non Profit
Functional Area :Social Care / Development
Job Type :Full time

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Facilitate local patient advocacy through the promotion of patient health literacy; providing information about treatment options and identifying and referring additional patient support resources.
  2. MS must be skilled in communicating with all parties in a professional manner with a focus on facilitating the needs of CML and GIST patients with appropriate counsel and support.
  3. Foster an environment that supports the development of patient support groups and serve as a resource throughout the creation and maintenance of local groups.
  4. Act as a liaison sharing Max initiatives with core group members.
  5. Conduct needs assessments in the community on local program coordination as guided by Max H.Q.
  6. Work with patients to explain NOA patients’ responsibilities in the program. Respect and maintain confidentiality of patients NOA – Novartis Oncology Access
  7. Interact with patients and physicians on NOA Guidelines – approval, re-approval and following up on drug supply collection
  8. Handle patient and programme related queries on telephone and face to face
  9. Assist in maintaining confidential patient documents and records
  10. Assist in all manner of data entry and patient case history documentation including Patient ID proof collection and verification
  11. Assist in interaction with our partners in NOA with regard to patient verification and documentation and their status in the programme
  12. Collaborate with and report to Max H.Q. for all aspects of local NOA coordination, including program maintenance and verification of patients’ eligibility



Post graduate in relevant discipline with minimum 2 years experience.

Please send in your Resume with Cover Letter (in PDF) at: sidrah.patel@themaxfoundation.org

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