Sexual Harassment in Academia – Thoughts of a 56 year old male academic

Economics in action

Writing about sexual harassment from the point of view of a `male’ is not the right thing to do when the country is shell shocked from a few brutal cases of rape during the last few days. These are not merely cases of rape but instances of rape-politics. Let us sincerely hope that the majority of Indians have the sense and maturity to steer the country out of such a shameful and somewhat dreadful situation.

A couple of academic colleagues and friends of mine are implicated in cases of sexual harassment. There are others whose names are discussed in a social media campaign. Most of these academics are in their fifties and sixties. Hence I should consider myself as a `potential harasser’.

I have female friends who are activists in this regard, campaigning against those alleged harassers. It is good that women are willing to talk about these harassment cases…

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