Pre-Ambedkar Week Celebration

Students of Azim Premji University are having the Pre- Ambedkar week celebrations from 02- 06th April in order to set the tone and make a ground for Ambedkar Week (09- 13 April).

Pre- Week is more about debating and understanding Ambedkar`s ideology and we will see a number of events happening on the campus for the same.  Your participation is highly solicited.

Attached is the full week schedule for the Pre- Ambedkar Week (02-06th April).


Sr. no Date Time Slot Event Subject Anchored By Venue
1 2nd April, Monday 05.30 to 07.00 pm Reading Ambedkar in our Times Ambedkar on Preferential Treatment for the Disadvantaged Groups Prof. Sambaiah Lawn between Pixel A-B
2 3rd April, Tuesday 05.30 to 07.00 pm Kaapi
Aur Charcha
Thorough Analysis of Poverty and marginalization: A developmental discourse Eddie Premdas Pinto Lawn between Pixel A-B
3 4th April, Wednesday 1.30 to 4.00 pm Workshop We, the People Vinita Singh and Ram N Syag Activity Room
4 5th April, Thursday 6.30 to 7.45 pm Open Documentary Screening Ijjatnagari ki Asabhya Betiya Lawn between Pixel A-B
5 6th April, Friday 04.00 to 07.00 pm Book Reading Joothan All Students Lawn between Pixel A-B

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