Need `Schooling for All’ – But Indian Middle-Class is not convinced

Economics in action

I got an opportunity to interact with a set of undergraduate students when Shashank, a colleague in the university, invited me to take a guest lecture in his course on `school and society’. The theme was `why quality schooling for all’. In order to use the lecture time for a Q&A session, I have sent a short note to students beforehand, with 10 reasons/propositions.

  1. There is a connection between lack of education and poverty

Households with a higher level of education are less likely to be poor. This is valid in India too. Poverty among the illiterate Tribal households was about 57 percent when that among the same group with primary schooling was only 20 (Thorat, 2010). There is a similar situation among lower castes too.

  1. Those who have some schooling gets higher incomes even in the rural areas of India

A person with secondary education is nearly 2.3 times…

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