March 25th: Karnataka for Employment Youth Convention

The Youth for Employment movement has been working relentlessly for the past one year in demanding secure employment opportunities and we are requesting your support.
Although we wish to see political parties contesting elections around issues such as employment, the agricultural crisis, and a comprehensive idea of development, elections continue to be fought along religious and caste lines, on money power, all of which are not only unconstitutional but also undemocratic.
It is difficult to remain unresponsive in the face of political developments which could be detrimental to democracy itself. Therefore, we have decided to build a struggle around employment, however, aiming to question several other issues plaguing our society and young minds which go beyond the mandate of employment.
The problem of unemployment and the lack of decent work concerns more than half our population, especially the youth. It is an issue which is secular in nature, and is not restricted to people from certain castes or religions. This movement questions the economic policies endorsed by every political party and more importantly nurtures a spirit of questioning amongst youngsters.
The next two months are of crucial importance for our movement. There are numerous ways by which you can extend your support and be part of this struggle. You can start by participating at a large gathering of our members on *March 25th , at 3 p.m., National College Grounds, Bengaluru* where we wish to express that we are united in our demand for secure employment opportunities, and to collectively declare that we will not caste our votes to those political parties which do not guarantee us secure employment opportunities.
Along with your participation, please try to convince ten more people to accompany you and lend support to the movement. Please share details of this event widely on social networking platforms. You can also upload short videos with your opinion on the matter and share it. Please contribute financially if possible. Write short pieces about the issue to spread awareness and organise more people. Share with us ideas on what else can be done to strengthen this movement.
In anticipation of your support.
 *Youth for Employment*
For other details 9810781227 Dr.Swathi Shukla

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