HURRY! Unmukt 2018 Workshops are coming!

2 Days to go for the most happening event of APU!

UNMUKT 2018!

As we promised, here are some of the most exciting workshops you can apply to! These workshops have been introduced to you after thorough planning and reasoning..

Looking at our theme of UNMUKT, i.e. What If? We bring to you a diverse range of workshops which will make you question, ‘would our day to day lives function without them?’

Often embroiled in our busy schedules, we forget or ignore the most basic life skills that help us to survive. Therefore we present to you an opportunity to bring in some self sustainability skills within you.

Given below are the forms for the following workshops which you can fill by 4PM tomorrow (22 Feb)

A word of caution: For some workshops the upper limit is 15 members. So Hurry!

1. Mochi Workshop (23 Feb) :

Too much consumerism? Try to mend your own shoes by learning from the expert!

P.S. Bring your stuff that you want to mend!

2. Tailoring Workshop (23 Feb):

Our mothers and aunts were experts! But where are we now? It’s time to revive the old art!

3. Momo’s Workshop (23 Feb):

Love eating momos but don’t know how to make it? Here’s your chance!

4. Seed Balls Gardening (24 Feb):

Does the idea of sustainability excite you? Is greenery soothing to your eyes? Fed of eating packaged food laced with preservatives? If you want to go

gre, go for this workshop!

5. Beautician (24 Feb):

No more hiding in your room when you have a party! Ladies & Gentlemen in the house grab this chance to learn some useful grooming skills!


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