All of us experience sudden moments of profound realization: epiphanous moments. Some epiphanies are triggered by works of art; a poem, a painting, a scene from a film, a fragment of text, short story, a photograph, a song…

We invite you to come share such a piece of art and your experience with it. There is only one condition – you should think the insight was deep and something significant. It could be something that challenged your beliefs and/or ideas. It could be something that moved you to ponder on something for the first time, maybe it revealed something about yourself, or about humans in general, maybe you understood the meaning of a complex concept through this work of art…

Each individual will get 10-15 minutes. Share the work of art, tell us what fascinated you about it and why you think it is important. You can use the projector, speakers, mic. or bring anything that can be displayed in a classroom.

Register for Epi-phany at https://goo.gl/forms/hQFnIu9Khe1MpTR03

History of the idea for the event

As you might (or might not) know, a group of inquisitive individuals sit together every Friday afternoon to talk about thought provoking topics such as empathy, hypocrisy, prejudice, narcissism, identity, etc. The conversation is always insightful and many times mind-blowing! We take examples from daily life to discuss on these topics. Very often in our discussions, we make references to movie scenes, music, excerpts from books, incidents, stories… People share ideas or insights which they got from that reference and the conversation acquires a whole new dimension. We thought that such references can incite thought provoking conversations and ideas. So, we decided to scale this idea up for Unmukt.

For queries contact: Radhika (radhika.chhaparia16_mae@apu.edu.in), Prakash (prakash.iyer@apu.edu.in), Ashwary (ashwary.sharma17_llm@apu.edu.in)

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