Youth Assembly on Feb 18 @ Freedom Park by ‘Karnataka for Employment’


‘Karnataka for Employment’ is a youth movement dedicated to finding Secure and Dignified job opportunities for all. According to the present Indian statistics 1.2 crores youth complete their graduation/ stop their studies and enter job market as job seekers. In that most of the people are newly joining to the unemployed army of youth. Though few of them are getting jobs, it is often not secure jobs but temporary/contractual jobs working in the state of insecurity. Similarly the number of unemployed and semi-employed is in huge proportion and increasing rapidly. According to some estimate, by the year 2025 the average age of an Indian will be 18 years. Which means we will be having population largely filled with youth’s. So, if the present employment scenario is itself like this, the future is unimaginable.

The successive governments who have been ruling the country, parties which fight for power are basically sitting on a monumental timebomb of unemployment without doing anything effectively in addressing this issue. That’s why the time has come for the youth of this country to actively participate in resolving this issue. So we have started a non-political movement towards it. The forum is engaged in relentless struggle, bringing awareness and urging the political parties and governments resolve the problem of unemployment but also we are seriously engaged ourselves in serious research of creating alternatives job creation models. As a part of it we have prepared a youth manifesto on the possibilities of how to create 50 lakh secure jobs in 5 years. Three teams under the guidance of Chukki Nanjundswamy from Karnataka farmers union, Prof Amit Basole, economist and thinker K. P Suresha’s detailed studies we have come up with “Youth Manifesto”.

The release of this important youth manifesto along with taking oath of “We do not want to be lured by money, caste and religion. Our vote will be for those who will accept our youth manifesto which guarantees secure jobs” session has been organised all over karnataka. Hundreds of youth along with contract employees are taking this oath and by which we are warning all three political parties to implement our youth manifesto as their party election manifesto.

A convention is held in bangalore on Feb 18th for for asking all three political parties what have been their plans for job generation. ‘Youth assembly, a convention of job seeking youth and contract employees’ is going to take place in freedom park, at 10.30am, on Feb 18th.

We cordially invite you all to participate in the youth assembly and join us in this effort of building a movement on the important issue of our times.

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