AMPLIFIED VOICE – A Workshop with Laura Wright

American Arts Incubator is an initiative of the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs that is administered by ZERO1. The project in Kochi is hosted by the Kochi Biennale Foundation in partnership with Sacred Heart College.


US-based artist, Laura Wright, will be working with participants in Kochi to explore the potential of audio recordings in sculpture, textiles, performance, and internet applications, to create solidarity and understanding within the movement for gender equality. Participants will learn the basics of making and editing audio recordings, developing podcasts, creating small speakers, and hacking basic sound devices to create immersive and sculptural sound environments, podcasts, and performances.

This is an introductory level workshop. No prior audio, sculpture, or digital knowledge is required. Familiarity with computer basics and the internet is helpful. An interest in performative or visual aspects of art, audio, and the desire to promote gender equality are required of applicants to this project.


Gender inequality is a global problem which creates limitations, and sometime harmful situations, for women and transgenders despite their access to education, wealth, or cultural status. Exploring and considering beliefs that hold oppressive structure in place, and ways to dismantle these systems without perpetuating colonialism, are challenges to look forward to in the process of creating gender equality globally.

Gender equality does not come about through cultural hegemony, so listening to, and collaborating with, the participants and contractors, and making sure their voice is amplified through this project, are of the greatest importance. Successful collaboration will be defined by the facilitation of group effort to establish objectives and limits for our efforts and the ability of this structure to adapt to the needs and ideas of all involved. Developing an amplified voice that empowers the participant, through any creative medium, is the goal of this project for participants.

About the artist

Laura C Wright is an artist and educator exploring communication through the intersections of fiber arts, digital technology, visual media, and participatory practices to amplify stories that go unrecognised in our landscape. She has worked with teachers in Accra, Ghana to develop sustainable art education practices, is the creator of a community-based film-making project in Seattle, and develops projects to address the impacts of the tech-boom on quality of life in her Seattle neighborhood. Laura received her BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and MFA in Fiber Arts from the University of Washington. In 2013, she completed a second MFA from the UCSC Digital Arts and New Media program to provide her with a greater understanding of the tools and language of communication in the digital age.


The programme for the Amplified Voice workshop will include initial skills training and proposal development with the artist, followed by group-based project development. This is expected to involve 25 hours of workshop activity over five days, and around 40 hours of independent project development. The workshop will be hosted at Pepper House, Fort Kochi and the studio spaces may be used by participants for their projects. Financial support is provided for participants’ projects. Projects will be exhibited at Pepper House consequent to their completion by Mar 16.

Participants Profile

No particular experience is equired. An interest in technology, new media, and/or digital art will help.
A commitment to addressing gender equality in your community.
A desire to learn from new perspectives and new tools.
A willingness to work and create in a collaborative environment.
Youth, women, transgender people, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


To apply, please fill this form. Inquiries may be directed to

Workshop and Project Development: Feb 24 – Mar 15, 2018
Panel Review and Exhibition: Mar 16, 2018
Location: Pepper House, Fort Kochi
Last date to apply: Feb 10, 2018

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