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“My friend Dr Vasu has written about the fake news factories at work in India on the lines of Goebbels. Such lie-factories are mostly run by Modi-bhakts.”

Quote from Gauri Lankesh’s last editorial

*Gauri and Kavita Lankesh​

The world wide protest against the assassination of Gauri Lankesh in September last year has almost taken the form of a movement,as people from far flung places continue to show their anger and concern at the growing levels of  intolerance and deteriorating condition of democracy in India. Along with this,  Gauri has emerged as a veritable symbol of fearless dissent and irrepressible voice of secular democracy.It is heartening to see that even those who had not even heard of her before are deeply disturbed by the way rationalist and progressive activists are getting silenced and the murderers going scot free.

But there is another side to this anger and outrage. Gauri Lankesh seems to have unleashed a wave of positive energy within every well meaning individual who wishes to see a free and fearless society that thrives on constitutional values, cultural plurality and societal harmony. It is a declaration of faith in what she stood and lived for. It is as if she is speaking through a multitude of voices – voices that dare to speak truth to power.

Gauri Memorial Trust is a concerted and organised attempt at keeping this spirit glowing. It is led by none other than the indomitable centenarian and eternal ‘rock star’ of social struggle (as Gauri had fondly described him) Sri H S Doreswamy, with eminent journalists, scholars, writers and activists from all over Karnataka and India. Veteran writers/journalists like Sidharth Varadarajan, Teesta Setalvad, G N Devi, Rajdeep Sardesai and many others are with the trust as members and patrons.

The Trust is planning to commemorate  her  birthday on 29th January as ‘GAURI DAY’ with a unique line up of events. It will see the generation next, who Gauri used to call her children, assemble at one place to declare their renewed commitment to uphold secular and equitable democracy as well as remember their fond association with Gauri. They will be joined by veteran actor, Prakash Rai, Kavitha Lankesh and others. This will be followed by an ensemble of  folk, rap and classical musical programme, led by Arathi (Bangalore), Sheetal of Kabir Kala Manch( Pune)  and renowned musician T M Krishna (Chennai).


To keep in mind their unending resilience to fight against structural violence, fascist forces, censorship and patriarchy, we present SHE IS NOT ASLEEP, in their memory. These screenings are centred the grey areas around sexuality, in light of experiences, missing conversations and questions around harassment in campuses and public spaces. This will lead up to a walk in February organised by maraa, as part of our new initiative with students Radio in a Purse.

SHE IS NOT ASLEEP | 7 pm | Saturday Evenings | MARAA TERRACE

*Wee Hours, Anupam Sud


A short film about Love| 27th January | 90 mins 

Krzysztof Kieślowski, 1988

19 year old Tomek, an introverted postal clerk whiles away his lonely life by spying on his neighbour Madga, an artist in her mid thirties, with his astronomical telescope. Without fathoming the depths of his passion, the woman learns of his obsession and starts responding to his surveillance – with potentially disastrous results.


The Watermelon Woman | 3rd February | 90 mins
Cheryl Dunye, 1996

The Watermelon Woman is a combination of real-life, archival material and fictional recreation. The film revolves around Cheryl, the filmmaker, who is on a quest to find the mythical black female character she has seen in several Hollywood films made in the 1930s. The film is both personal, about Cheryl, and political, about the lives and contribution of black people to cinema.


Haraam Khor |10th February | 90 mins
Shlok Sharma, 2015

An unlikely love triangle unfolds when married professor, Shyam, has an illicit affair with his student. Sandhya, who in turn is trying to be wooed by her classmate Kamal. Haraamkhor is a prohibited love story witnessed by two adolescents.


Paulina | 17th February | 100 mins
Santiago Mitre, 2015

An intellectual young law student who renounces a promising career to become a school teacher in a remote village is forced to make a puzzling decision, in the aftermath of her rape.

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