Theatre Workshop for Teachers and Students

V. Balakrishnan, founder and artistic director of Theatre Nisha, Chennai has worked as a theatre teacher with several schools and was recently awarded the Fulbright Distinguished Award for Teaching 2017. For the same, he had to work on an inquiry project at Indiana University for 4 months. He has returned with a handbook for teachers that... Continue Reading →

There is a serious, but unrecognised, issue in Indian higher education

First posted at: Higher education in India gets a higher level of investments. Public and private investments together for this purpose constitute about 3 percent of the GDP of the country[i]. The salaries of teachers in universities and colleges which are funded/controlled by governments are reasonably good while considering the purchasing power parity (PPP). There... Continue Reading →

India Fellow

India Fellow is an experiential social leadership program for young Indians that include working full time for a year with a field partner organization (called host organization) on a specific project or issue together with training, peer learning and mentoring. This experience will empower India Fellows to find their own leadership potential, shape their futures... Continue Reading →

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