Bahuroopi – National Theatre Festival 2018 – ‘Migration’


We are pleased to inform that Rangayana is celebrating 17th Bahuroopi National Theater Festival from 14 Jan to 21 Jan 2018. Being a voice of the present, Bahuroopi-2018’s subtext is Migration.

Migration is a vital aspect of one’s life. Be it Ulysses’ decade-long traveling, the Ramayana’s episode of Rama crossing the sea and the Pandava’s exile is nothing but different faces of migration. Its impact on the human life is so much so that many migrants and exiled communities have influenced the world history.

Not only in legends and history, migration is intertwined in the social fabric of human beings. Can anyone count the number of people who went from places to places in search of food and shelter? Nomads, tribes and other wandering communities have always been a part of the society. Even in the spiritual history of India, along with Vachanakara and other saints propounded eternal journey as one of the modes of salvation.

These days, in the contexts of Nation-State and boundaries, migration is located and interpreted only in political contexts. International relationships are strained and in the name of internal security of nations, lakhs of people have lost homes. With the interference of religion, migration is becoming even more complex a political issue.

In order to respond to these issues, for the Bahuroopi-2018 has invited dramas from all over the country. A two-day symposium has been organized as a part of this theatre festival and that will host scholars to discuss various aspects of migration. Along with plays and symposium, film festivals, Book exhibition and sales, Handicraft and Food courts will be accommodated in the venue. Rangayana that is organizing Bahuroopi-2018, with the tremendous cooperation of Ranga Samaja of Rangayana, the Department of Kannada and Culture, the District In-Charge Minister of Mysore and the District Commissioner’s office requests the thinkers, playwrights, and journalists of Karnataka help in realizing the intent of this festival.

Bhagirathi Bai
Rangayana, Mysore.


Bahuroopi 2018 Schedule

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