India Fellow

India Fellow is an experiential social leadership program for young Indians that include working full time for a year with a field partner organization (called host organization) on a specific project or issue together with training, peer learning and mentoring. This experience will empower India Fellows to find their own leadership potential, shape their futures and make a difference.

Vision: A future where leaders in all spheres of life are driven by compassion, commitment and understanding of the social challenges that India faces and have a deep desire to make a difference.

Mission: Our mission is to engage young Indians in nation building. We want young Indians to get exposed to the myriad social challenges that India is facing and find their leadership potential, shape their futures and make a difference.

Objective: Create a learning platform for young Indians who undergo a 13 month long journey of discovering their own leadership potential. It includes training, mentor-ship, reflections and hands-on work experience with a grassroots organization working on social issues.

We are looking for potential leaders of tomorrow. We believe that these leaders should exhibit certain values which are at the heart of a leadership journey. The fellows, fellowship team, partners and all other associates would be expected to live by these values.

Program Design

The India Fellow program design has 3 prime pieces that fit into each other over the duration of 13 months.

  1. Training, Peer Learning & Workshops
  2. Work Assignment with Host Organization
  3. Mentor-ship & The Network Support

Before you go ahead, here are the eligibility criteria for applying to the fellowship selection process:

  • You are between 21 to 28 years of age
  • You are already a graduate (in any discipline) or will be before fellowship begins
  • You are an Indian citizen
  • You are ready for a 13 month full time commitment to the fellowship
  • You understand that this is not just a job and will expect you to be engaged 24X7 in the process with the community
  • You understand that you can be placed in any part of the country and in any thematic area

Stipend : India Fellow Program is a full-time paid fellowship with a stipend of 15,000 INR per month

The selection to India Fellow is a 4 step process

  1. Applicants fill a detailed online application form. For cohort starting in July 2018 and the applications for the same will be accepted from 1st December 2017 onward.
  2. Shortlisted candidates will go through a telephonic conversation with the India Fellow team.
  3. Those who qualify after that, work over short field-cum-written assignment.
  4. Post this they will be invited for an assessment day and personal interview in one of our centres – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad or Chennai.

Final selections will be announced only after the personal interview 45 days prior to the commencement date of the fellowship.

Last date for application: 28th Feb 2018

For the online Application form, click here

For more information please check the Link

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