Reaching the Real India | Youth Exposure Programme


In three years, India will become the world’s youngest country with 64 percent of its population in the working age group. With growing issues in India, Indian youth is the one getting affected the most; creating frustration within them as they feel that their involvement in the decision-making process is very limited. Thus, it is the need of the hour for young people to become more aware of the issues affecting them directly and indirectly so that they can draw a clearer and variegated picture of their country and consequently engage in resolving those issues.

About RRI Winter 2017 
CACIM is organizing Reaching the Real India for the young students to provide them with an opportunity to connect and contribute to the socio-political movements of India directly. We, in CACIM, believe that young people are the infinite source of energy, creativity and freshness and also a valuable resource for socio-economic and political transformation. Through this programme, we want to build a bridge between omnipotence of youth and experience of people and organisation involved in social issues to create a symbiotic relationship between the two.
The programme has been developed to empower college students by giving them a chance to spend two to four weeks in one of the people’s movements/community organisations. This initiative aims at filling the gap between the academic community and the mass organisations that work on human rights, equality, and sustainable development. The objectives include:

  • To expose the students to the realities of India and the dynamics of social change.
  • To facilitate an organic link between the students and social movements.
  • To help students understand the social realities vis-à-vis people’s issues.
  • To help students appreciate the need for struggle and role of social movements.
  • To help the students contribute their skills to the movement, and learn more from the movements.
Who is the program for?
If you are a college student who is looking for an opportunity to explore the socio-political issues of India up-close and be the part of the movements, then here is your chance to enroin the programme. We are looking for young people who are curious, eager, committed and most importantly team players. 
Join us to make Reaching the Real India a success.

Other Details: 
Date: 15th December 2017 onwards
Venue (Orientation and Feedback): R21, Block R, South Extension II, New Delhi, Delhi 110049
Language: Hindi and English both.

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