Working with an Organic farmer’s enterprise at Dantewada

Nirmaan organisation is a NPO headquartered in Hyderabad and working in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh facilitating the small and marginal farmers and tribal communities to earn a sustainable livelihood from the natural resources available around, which will ensure the welfare of the family and a dignified life.

A joint effort of Nirmaan Organization and the district administration is taking shape in Dantewada to promote sustainable agriculture and organic farming on large scale in the district. Till today around 3000 farmers are associated with these efforts to strengthen their livelihood based on the principles of self reliance, sustainability and social equity. In an effort to provide a market linkage to the indigenous and organic produce of these farmers a farmer owned enterprise named “Bhoomgaadi” has also been formed, which is marketing the produce of the farmers locally as well as across the country under the brand name “Aadim

In order to look after and handle the daily operations in a professional manner we are now looking for a Chief Operations Officer for this enterprise.

The candidate should have leadership and managerial skills to handle a team 10-15 members, analytical skills, understanding of business, a common and practical sense to handle daily operations  and above all a passion and commitment to bring change in one of the most underdeveloped regions in the country. JD attached: [ JD_COO ]


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