Job opportunity, Math academic specialist

Job title: Academic Specialist

Focus area: Mathematics

Location: Bengaluru (with travel)

The job profile will include the following tasks-

  1. Creating curriculum content in Mathematics for different clients as per RiVER’s multi grade-multi level pedagogy principles, while catering to the specific requirements of the client and context where the content will be used.
  2. Working closely and collaborating with various stakeholders which might include state curriculum and textbook experts, the RiVER curriculum core team and other collaborating partners.
  3. Travel extensively to meet the stakeholders
  4. Field visits to schools and classrooms for either a scoping study in case of a new project or schools where material is already under use to understand existing challenges, which will help make the curriculum more responsive to the current needs.
  5. The Academic Specialist must be ready to take on additional responsibilities on on-going projects as and when required.

We collaborate with the Rishi Valley Rural Education Centre to develop curriculum for multi grade-multi level (MGML) classrooms. The candidate must display a keen understanding of the Indian education scenario along with a strong grasp over their subject domain. Since the job will require working closely with state stakeholders and the larger government system at different levels, the candidate must show perseverance, patience and ability to be iterative.


Company: Tide Learning Systems Pvt Ltd. 

Contact details:; 9900271565

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