Knowledge Specialists: Educational Leadership Development

About ShikshaLokam
ShikshaLokam, is focused on supporting the development of educational leadership in the K-12 space – leadership that supports the development of individuals, institutions and systems, leading to improved student learning outcomes and systemic change. The core of ShikshaLokam’s work is developing and nurturing an education leadership platform, as a societal platform that offers free services and resources to a variety of ecosystem players – individuals, NGOs and government. ShikshaLokam aims to do so in ways that support education leadership development at large scale with high impact.
The platform will have two components – a learning platform and a program (or doing) platform. The learning platform will provide access to a wide variety of courses, while the program platform will provide program design and management capabilities, with ready access to a wide variety of reference models for programs and interventions. Users are free to customize courses, programs and interventions to suit their own requirements. The services offered on the platform are expected to grow dynamically in response to user needs.

About Education Leadership Development
Educational leadership development is an emerging field in India, that has been vastly underinvested in. Over time we expect a large ecosystem to grow around the ShikshaLokam Educational Leadership Platform in every state; an ecosystem of direct users, field implementation partners, design and capacity building partners, research partners, and funding partners.

Knowledge Specialists – Educational Leadership Development
ShikshaLokam currently has a team of Knowledge Specialists – Educational Leadership Development, who focus on content creation, curation, design and capacity building in this space. The team consist of practitioners and academics who are doing cutting edge work in the Indian context in areas such as school leadership, school improvement, schools and school systems improvement, decentralized governance, educational change, collective impact, etc.
ShikshaLokam is looking to expand this team. The new positions will be based in Bangalore.

Roles and responsibilities
The primary focus of Knowledge Specialists – Educational Leadership Development, will be on content creation, curation, design and capacity building in this space. This will involve:
1. Interacting with field practitioners to understand the courses, programs and interventions being carried out in the Indian context.
2. Interacting with academic partners in Indian and foreign Universities and institutions
3. Understanding bodies of knowledge is areas such as school leadership, school improvement, schools and school systems improvement, decentralized governance, educational change, collective impact, etc.
4. Curating and creating interactive digital learning content for the learning platform.
5. Curating and creating customisable reference models for programs and interventions for the program platform
6. Designing programs for partner organisations and supporting them through capacity building.
7. Incubating new talent into this space.

Expectations from interested candidates
Ideal candidates should be well grounded in K-12 education perspectives, have between 2 to 10 years of field experience working on educational change, preferably working with government schools. In addition, they should have high learnability, tolerance for ambiguity, readiness to move across roles, strong conceptual and facilitation skills. Interested candidates are expected to commit to a tenure of 2-3 years.

Compensation, opportunities for learning and growth
Compensation will be commensurate with the individual’s experience and qualifications. Given the cutting-edge nature of the work, and the opportunities for interact with others who have been doing such cutting-edge work, there are immense opportunities to learn. Further, as with all emerging fields, talented individuals entering early can expect to see growth opportunities of various kinds. At ShikshaLokam we encourage people to step out and start their own specialized organisations as the field evolves. Thus, to our minds, early entrants should become a part of a leadership pipeline for the space of educational leadership development.

To apply, please send your resume to

About Advaith Foundation
Advaith Foundation emerged from a vision to transform lives through education and a sense of responsibility towards society. This was the driving force that inspired Kumari Shibulal & S.D. Shibulal, co-founder of Infosys, to promote philanthropic ventures in the field of education and research.

Advaith Foundation has 5 programs. Ankur, was born in 2004, out of a dream to provide opportunities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The Samhita Academy started in 2009, with an aim to providing quality education while inculcating an inclusive spirit in its children. Vidyadhan, a direct-sponsorship model, gives individuals an option to sponsor the education of deserving children, by providing scholarship to meritorious students from class 11 till they complete a degree course, and theVidya Rakshak program for the children of martyrs from the Paramilitary forces. Advaith’s most recent program is ShikshaLokam.


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