Udhyam Program Facilitator @ Bihar


The Udhyam Karyakram facilitator is responsible for leading a program to develop entrepreneurial mindsets in rural youth between the ages of 16 and 25. Through this intensive 4-8 week period, you, along with a local co-facilitator, will help the youth gain entrepreneurial mindsets and skills through experiential learning modules that actually help the youth develop enterprise ideas. For this position, we are looking for facilitators who are empathetic, resilient, and committed to unleashing the potential of the youth in rural Bihar.

Location: Kishanganj, Bihar 


  • A strong belief in human potential and in developing an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • A growth mindset to deal with failure and to continue experimenting and learning.
  • Flexibility and resilience to deal with the unexpected.
  • Trust in the experimental learning and facilitation process to allow learners to be the masters of their own learning


  • Facilitate a group of up to 25 participants
  • Create a safe space to allow youth to be open and vulnerable
  • Deep listening and questioning, and open communication
  • Inspire youth to take risks and actions, and to move beyond their comfort zones
  • Manage backlash from a conservative community and families
  • Mentor and co-create with your local co-facilitator
  • Work together towards agreed upon outcomes


  • Deep self-awareness and knowledge of one’s own journey and purpose.
  • Understanding how learning happens, especially for youth and young adults.
  • Understanding how learning happens, especially for youth and young adults.
  • Knowledge of experiential-based learning and facilitation.
  • Other requirements
    Minimum 2 years of teaching/facilitation experience
    Hindi fluency

This is a three-month trial period, which has the possibility of converting into a full-time position. This role requires the facilitator to spend time on the ground in Bihar. Before beginning the program, there would be a one-week orientation program as well.

To apply, click here.

For any questions, please mail us at namaste@projectpotential.org



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