Teachers for the SIFF Scholars Program

Position: Teachers for Grade 6 and 7 (for Math/English/SST/Science)


The SIFF Scholars program is a Scholarship cum Mentorship program that aims at addressing the achievement gap that persists for children from low income homes in Bangalore. The program encompasses a financial support plan while mentoring motivated students to grow into confident, sensitive and responsible adults. Started in the year 2016, we added 19 incredibly talented children into our first batch of SIFF Scholars. Most of the scholars will be first generation college goers. This, we believe could have the potential to not only transform the lives of these children but create a ripple effect to positively impact their families and the larger community.

The scholarship is offered to 15-20 children each year. The selection into the program is done through a multi step screening process that assesses both scholastic and non-scholastic abilities of the child along with the socio economic conditions of the family. The children enter the program at Grade level 6 and are supported throughout schooling all the way till they graduate from college and embark on the careers of their choice. As a program, we aim to deliver a holistic intervention to each child based on his/her needs and interests. This includes an in school and after school support that is designed to not only offer a first rate education but also help every child unleash their creative potential.

We are a young organisation with an entrepreneurial culture. Our team requires a diverse group of passionate, self-driven, caring individuals who would like to contribute to this mission.

About the role

We  believe that Teachers are the pillars of an effective education system. The Teacher’s role at SIFF, provides an incredible opportunity to redefine effective teaching and learning processes and work on all aspects of the child’s education and development. It is an opportunity to continuously hone your teaching skills while leading a classroom of incredibly talented 6th-graders and 7th graders to outstanding outcomes.Teachers will work closely with the Head of the organization and the core team.

Role and Responsibilities

  1. Classroom Teaching and Managing – managing teaching and learning processes in a classroom – designing and facilitating systems and structures to run an effective and efficient classroom – setting up a culture in the classroom where all students feel motivated to learn, have fun while learning and feel safe at all times, a place where studnts want to come.
  2. Curriculum Design and Facilitation – designing the plans that they will facilitate in the classroom on a yearly, monthly and daily basis
  3. Engaging with the school community (as per project needs) – working closely with the community and empowering them to take ownership of student learning. Keeping an open channel of communication with the community in order to strengthen our work
  4. Impact Evaluation – designing assessment tools and tracking student learning data – analysing data and taking necessary steps to accelerate learning – administering third party assessments to understand our impact

Knowledge, Skills and Mindsets

  1. Passion for teaching and undying belief in all children
  2. Basic understanding of teaching elements like lesson planning, unit planning
  3. Evidence of strong student learning outcomes in your teaching experience.
  4. Fluency in English (working knowledge of Hindi/Kannada is a plus)
  5. Previous experience of teaching the subject at the secondary level.
  6. Knowledge of child psychology and holistic education.
  7. Strong communication skills


Location: Varthur, Bangalore (Our program runs out of a dedicated facility housed in a school in Varthur, Whitefield)

Compensation: ​As per experience.

To Apply: ​Email amulya.g@siff.in with a CV or resume and cover letter detailing your experience and interest in the position as soon as possible.

Why work with us?

We believe that the role of education is to ignite a fire in every child and teachers are the sparks who do that.

Through our project on the ground, our team will work with high potential students to mentor and develop them into well rounded, considerate and responsible adults. This will go towards building student leadership manifested in their classrooms, schools and communities. In the long term, we aim to build an ecosystem that identifies and nurtures students who can develop into strong individuals/change makers within their communities and beyond.

We are a committed and a passionate closely-knit team. The last one year has provided us with a bedrock of ideas, mistakes, learning and hypothesis. We have used this learning to now devise a path forward for ourselves and our kids. We believe we are at the cusp of an exciting time now where we can support our children and each other on the team to realise our potential.


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