Invitation to participate | Design: Impact Awards

The Design: Impact Awards (DIA) by Titan, in collaboration with Tata Trusts, is a program that identifies, celebrates and supports innovative product designs that cause social change. It aims to upscale the impact of these designs.

About Design: Impact Awards

Social change happens when the right design finds the right degree of support. At Design: Impact Awards, our mission is to recognize, support and upscale visionary and transformative product designs and help them impact as many lives as possible. DIA will support designs with mentorship, advocacy, financial grants up to Rs 65 lakhs per project and opportunity for seed funding of an equal amount per project.

Why are we writing to you today?

You might be involved in the sector of product designs in the social space or you might know someone who is. As an alumnus of a reputable institute that recognizes the importance of innovation for social impact, we seek your help in spreading the word.

We request you to apply or nominate someone for the program and to let others know if you feel they would be a fit for the program.DIA wishes to discover, support and upscale the impact of innovative product designs where the applicant has, at the least, created a prototype of the product.

The program is currently accepting applications. The deadline for applications is 31st October, 2017. For details on who can apply and the qualification criteria, please visit our website –

Applications will also be accepted in Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada and Odia in the online form.

[ Poster – 1 ]
[ Poster – 2pdf ]

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