Karvaan 2017

From the editors

Hello Reader!

Amidst the dives all of us take in the thoughts of others, unknown to us, certain voices take birth within each one of us, wanting to come alive, breathe, be noticed and heard.

Karvaan, since its inception in 2012, has aimed to leave pages blank for these voices and thoughts, musings and feelings, struggles and troubles, or maybe, just anything which we create as co-travellers, to be inked. This ink is coloured, of varying densities, and stains the surface it traces itself on. Infused with these emerging voices, it takes a life of its own. It joins others often or sometimes prefers to stay on the edge. The confluence is a sight to behold, mirroring the life in all of us. The pages of Karvaan are then the evidence of its existence in the world.

With this year’s Karvaan the team has attempted to fabricate this confluence on the pages for everyone of us to witness. The nibs have broken, the pots have been found empty and we definitely did run out of paper. Page by page we found in front of us a canvas dyed with collisions and reconciliations, exhaustions and exhilarations.

With ink-stains on our hands, we present to you, Karvaan 2017.

Special thanks to Benazir Nazeem Navaz, Gayatri N, Ramchender Giri, Riya Gupta, Suhasini Pandey, Vani Valson and Prasad sir for lending us a helping hand at our most trying times.

Karvaan 2017 cover


Karvaan 2017

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