Opportunities @ Millet Programme in Odisha

We believe that there is an urgent need to revive native food systems of adivasi communities. Millets are one of those foods which played an important role in food security and cultural heritage of adivasi communities.
One of our initiative, reviving millets in tribal areas of odisha is now grounded this kharif. Core objective of this programme is to increase consumption of millets in adivasi households in 7 district of odisha. Along with consumption, this programme works on increasing productivity, reducing drudgery through processing and enhancing market linkages for better price realisation. This revival of food cultures is integral to strengthen the communitarian roots of the adivasi communities.
We are looking for dynamic young individuals who are interested to work with us on the millet programme. We need people who can support our state unit and also work as district coordinator. We are looking for people with 2-3 years of experience (preferably millets) of working on the field with excellent writing and communication skills. Candidates with project management skills, MIS and M & E skills would be preferred. Candidates will have to travel extensively in the dandakaranya belt.
More than qualifications , candidates with deep desire to work in dandakaranya are most welcome and encouraged to apply. 
 If you are such a person who is interested in working on these challenging projects in adivasi areas of odisha for 2-3 years, Interested candidates are requested to mail your resume to hr.wassan@gmail.com. with a copy marked to dineshwn1@gmail.com
Please share this among your friends and networks.
Dinesh Balam

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