Early Literacy Initiative (ELI) Website

Dear Friends,

Early Literacy Initiative (ELI), is a university based initiative located at TISS, Hyderabad, and funded by Tata Trusts. It is a domain-building initiative that aims to focus on  aspects of teaching, research and advocacy efforts with respect to Early Literacy.

We are pleased to inform you that on the occasion of World Literacy Day (Sept 8th), we launched Early Literacy Initiative (ELI) website. It is now live and available for you to visit at: eli.tiss.edu

Objectives: This website serves two functions. It will represent ELI’s ongoing work in research and teaching. We will also use the website as a means to reach out to other organisations and individuals working in the area of early language and literacy in order to discuss issues of common concern.

Thematic Blog: Multilingualism: To address this need to create a platform where we can network and communicate with each other, the ELI team has designed a series of thematic blogs. The first blog (live now) is on the issue of multilingualism in India. A couple of blog pieces on this topic are currently available to read and respond to online; and other pieces will be put up on a weekly basis over the next 7-8 weeks.

We welcome your participation on this blog – please comment, respond to, or write blog pieces yourselves on the topic.

While all languages are welcome, we would need a rough English translation to accompany the original blog piece. We will put up both original and translated versions side-by-side

The length of blog pieces should ideally be from 500 – max. 2000 words.

Resources: We will put up a selection of curated and annotated resources linked to the thematic area. At present, you will find resources related to multilingualism. Over time, we will keep adding resources related to other themes we take up, such that, you will find resources related to a variety of topics at the ELI website.

We would be thrilled if you took a few minutes out from your day to visit our website and blog, and leave comments on the topics being discussed. You can also reach us on our Facebook page.

We look forward to exploring ideas with you over the next few years. Please feel free to forward this mail to interested individuals and organisations.
Thank you,

ELI Team.

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