Theatre for Teachers


It is important for teachers to read and critique educational texts to add value to their everyday work.  It is natural to get deeply consumed into the daily processes of the classroom and not be able to step back and see the larger picture. Reading texts that not just focuses on pedagogical themes (instrumental) but on larger themes within the gamut of education tends to create a distant feeling between the text and the self (the teacher). The other source of interacting and understanding the larger issues is through reflection of one’s everyday work and through that culling out the larger themes.  While these approaches can run in tandem or not they are a necessity to a more aware and informed way of teaching. Theatre can be used as a powerful tool to evoke these thoughts (larger themes) among teachers as it can one, bring the narrative of texts to life which involves awakening multiple senses of the human body in turn making it more meaningful and/or two, bring life to the experiences of the self (or other self’s’ i.e. experiences of other teachers) thus now not directly involved emotionally but stepping back and interacting with them rationally.


Keeping the above in mind the idea is to develop a workshop/participatory or interactive play (based on what evolves through the process) for teachers. The project will be evolved by a group of people who have either worked in the space of education (with teachers and/or children) or have subject matter knowledge of the same.  Having theatre experience would add value. The group will be led by individual/s who have experience in education as well as theatre to enable the project to evolve the objective of provoking thought on educational matters in the minds of teachers.


After initial deliberation with the team the team leads will develop a framework covering the broad educational theme/concept that will be addressed through this project leading to developing a script or adapting pre-existing text.  We want to move away from the idea of developing a ‘play’ as a unit but rather deconstruct the elements that make a play and use those independently to see how it can evolve into something new that will enable us to achieve the objective.

Further Details

The language for the final culmination of this project is not yet decided.  Since the project is taking its roots in Bangalore, team members strong in Kannada and English would be of value though not a priority.


3-4 months (September – December)

Contact time

First 2 months 3 times a week; Evenings 6pm -9pm; Koramangala

Last month of the project will demand more time

Note: Contact time is currently shared to give a broad idea. It is subject to change and will be scheduled keeping the team members’ availability in mind as much as possible.

 About Us

This project will be designed as executed by Riad Foundation.  The Riad Foundation endeavors to provide people with an opportunity to work with their talents in their areas of interest and alongside work towards developing freer, balanced, independent and sensitive citizens. We work in the fields of Theatre, Music, Art, Science, Mathematics, Sports and Entrepreneurship and support participants to not only explore their own creative or scientific goals but also to ultimately achieve self-realization and freedom from within.

To know more about the foundation, please visit the links below:

Contact Details

Priyanka Goswami –

+91 96366 63366


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