Wanted translator from English to Marathi for our booklet: IS THE GOVERNMENT REALLY POOR? – Looking for volunteers

Those interested to volunteer to translate one of the booklets, ‘Is the Government Really Poor?’ from English to Marathi, please get in touch with the below contact.

Neeraj Jain – 094222 20311

Please note – asking for a volunteer. That is, we will not be paying anything for this. We, Lokayat and Socialist Party are a voluntary group, we pay no royalty to our authors, and all our activists work free, which is why are booklets are so cheaply priced.

It is an important booklet, showing how the government has enough resources but is not willing to provide essential services to the poor, and is instead reducing subsidies to the poor, and transferring lakhs of crores of rupees to the coffers of the rich.

We have re-written the booklet. It was earlier brought out in 2014 and focussed on the UPA Govt’s policies. Now, the BJP is implementing the same policies even more ruthlessly, so the booklet badly needed to be re-written or else it appeared as if we favoured the BJP over the UPA.

The booklet is of 70 pages, of which 30 pages need to be translated again. You can either translate the full book, or only these 30 pages.

We would request only those to volunteer who have some experience of translation or whose Marathi is good, and who have the time to do the translation. Several of our previous projects have got stuck as those who volunteered eventually did not complete the task.


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