Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhyalayai Internship programme

Saral Services is pleased to announce the Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhyalaya Internship programme starting September 2017 wherein we are inviting applications from candidates of social work/development/education background to come and live in the KGBV’s of Nalanda district and explore the working of a government institution, at the same time, make difference to the lives of girls by trying to improve their learning levels.

The internship intents to benefit the KGBV set-up by attempting to tackle the issue of lack of teachers in the centres and at the same time gives an opportunity to the interns to conduct their research for the academic purpose and make a genuine difference to the overall education growth of the country.

Note: We are looking for female candidates for our 10 KGBV schools to join from the month of September until December for a period of 2 months. Male candidates can apply for an internship in the Saral International Schools based in Gilani and Darima.

 Internship Objectives:

1. To develop sensitivity for children from poor and disadvantaged community among the graduating talent who wish to work in the field of education
2. To train the graduating interns on methods of delivering learning environment in elementary schools by engaging with plethora of social issues by working in an actual field setting
3. To improve the overall working of the institution/ School and make it a successful scheme by enhancing the quality of education.
 Mentoring and Monitoring of Interns
1. The suitable candidates will be given a monthly stipend of Rs 3000/- for personal expenses. This can be used for lodging and food.
2. Each candidate will be assigned a mentor from the organisation to make the whole internship process easy and convenient for them. Mentees can take guidance and support from their mentor apart from taking help from their wardens during the entire stay.
3. We will try to get the respective KGBV centre to provide an accommodation to the candidate, if in case they are unable to, then we will provide full logistic support until the candidate finds an accommodation within 1 km radius of the school.
4. A certificate will be rewarded to the candidate who will successfully complete the duration of two months.
5. Interns will mandatory have to keep a diary for writing their experiences with respect to work and learning.an agenda to provide good quality primary education at affordable prices for the children belonging to backward communities in rural areas with branches in Gilani( dist. Nalanda) and Darima ( dist. Jamui)

For more details,

Get in touch: –

Subodh Gupta
Executive Director
Saral Services
Ph. No- 09440061504
Priya Kamra
Asst. Project Coordinator
Saral Services
Ph. No – 09873058103

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