Digital India eGovernance Fellowship Programme

About the Programme

A.Digital India eGovernance Fellowship Programme is a one-year practice-oriented

B. list of eGovernance thematic areas, based on current policy scenario for taking
forward research / fellowships

C.Expected results are on the individual level

Programme structure
Planned objectives and expected results are achieved by implementing the following activities:

i. Application
MeitY is launching a targeted call for applications. Government officials, implementers and Individuals interested in research in various thematic areas of eGovernance as outlined earlier from eligible institutions can apply. A sufficient period of time (a few months, depending on the cycle) has been planned for the applicants to get acquainted with the call rules and prepare necessary documents.

ii. Selection
Selection of applicants will be conducted in two phases – technical and qualitative selection. Technical selection is an administrative review, performed by MeitY. Only applicants fulfilling the technical eligibility conditions will be accepted for qualitative selection. Applicants pre- selected for qualitative selection may be requested to send a copy of their certificates along with 3 letters of recommendation (to include one from current work-place) via e- mail. These should be sent together with the translation into English (if not in English originally). Qualitative selection will be performed by the Selection Committee. During the qualitative selection, short-listed applicants will be called for an interview. The final step will be the formal evaluation process for post-interview selection, with the same criteria for every candidate. For the candidate, the final step is signing of the bond with MeitY to pledge undertaking the Fellowship to completion.

iii. Placement procedure
While the Fellowship Programme is spread over a period of one year, each candidate would spend a total of 3 months of research time in a National and International Institution (one + two) on a full-time basis. The choice of a host institution/s will be made on a case-by-case basis, within the list of eligible institutions, taking into consideration the preferences outlined in the application form, the profile of the fellow, professional interests, language skills, and the strategic interest of the employer. The final decision about the choice of the host institution/s will be made after the participant has been accepted to the programme. Upon final decision, the host institution/s will delegate to the host mentoring responsibilities for supporting fellowship work plan development, the fellow’s orientation in the host institution, facilitating the fellow’s work, advising, monitoring and evaluating the fellow’s performance (report to be taken quarterly). Fellows are expected to develop a fellowship work-plan, in consultations with both home mentors and host mentors.

iv. Introduction seminar
An Introductory Seminar in MeitY will be organized for orientation purposes for all selected candidates and equip them with necessary skills for the practical phase in the host 2 Digital India eGovernance Fellowship institution/s, like teamwork and communication skills. Fellows will discuss public administration reform challenges in India and in different host countries through presentations and meetings with senior decision makers. They will also have the chance to discuss their plans for their fellowships, present their professional and personal goals, and receive individual advice. The Introductory Seminar will serve as a platform for the fellows’ network, creating an atmosphere of mutual support and assistance during their placement in host institutions.

v. Practice phase
Following the Introductory Seminar, each fellow will be placed in the National institution to start with, followed by the International Institution for a total period of 3 months (1+2). In case the thematic area is of specialization only in an Indian academic institution, the Fellow will be expected to execute the 3 month full-time research work in the same. During their stay in a host institution, fellows will take part in peer-to-peer exchange of experiences, and will familiarize themselves with administrative structures and forms of policy making in the host institution along with carrying out research in the stipulated area. Host mentors will support fellows by induction and orientation for each fellow’s position in the host institution, actively monitor and facilitate the fellows’ working and learning processes, facilitate fellows’ interaction with other institutions and evaluate fellows’ performance as also support the fellow in terms of guidance to write the research paper on the subject of research. The quality and intensity of the cooperation with the host mentor and authorities of a host institution is crucial for the success of the fellowship.

vi. Final seminar
At the end of the Practice Phase, MeitY will invite the fellows to a final review meeting, to
present the results of their work and plans for follow-up. The final seminar will include
training sessions in negotiations and change management communication and presentation skills, hence preparing fellows for knowledge transfer in their home institutions.

vii. Presentation of fellowship experience in home institution
Each fellow will gain specific knowledge and skills, and create networks with public officials from at least one institution in the process. The fellow will be obliged to share this knowledge and skills with his/her colleagues in the home institution in the form of a research paper on the subject of research. Knowledge sharing must be structured, with at least one presentation for colleagues. At the end of cycle, the fellow will present the research paper and report to MeitY.

viii. Funding
Up to 25 fellowships will be available in the 2017 / 2018 programme cycle. The support
granted to the Indian Fellow by MeitY will be as follows: travel expenses, lodging and meals and participation fees for seminars; travel expenses, and stipend for practice phase to cover accommodation/meals/etc.

Introduction and Final seminar – MeitY will cover travel expenses between the location of the fellow’s placement and the location where seminars start and end. All local travel during seminars will be organised and covered by MeitY. MeitY will cover expenses for
accommodation during seminars and special events. Hotels will be pre- booked by MeitY.
Accommodation during the seminars will include breakfast and lunch. The expenses for
dinners, except joint dinners organised by MeitY, would be borne by the Fellow. MeitY will cover participation fees for seminars and special events.
Practice phase – MeitY will cover round-trip travel expenses between the fellow’s residence 3 Digital India eGovernance Fellowship and the host location. Only Economy class costs for the most direct route/route and the most economical price will be covered regardless which route the fellow chooses. The fellow is expected to obtain sufficient travel insurance against illness, liability and accident in the host country using the relocation fund. Cost for a 3 month single-entry tourist visa for the host country will be covered by MeitY based on actuals.


The Programme is specifically designed for government officials, implementers and Individuals interested in research in various areas of eGovernance from eligible central / state government / government academic institutions in India who have 10+ years of professional experience in public administration / academic work and have already assumed initial managerial / academic responsibilities
or are preparing for a position of leadership. The applicant must be:
a. Employee of central / state government / government academic institution
b. maximum age of 50
c. have at least 10 years of professional experience upon completing studies
d. initial academic / managerial experience or prospects of assuming leadership responsibilities
e. be a post – graduate degree holder
f. have a valid passport for one year (valid at least till June 2018)
g. be fluent in reading / writing English
h. have sound knowledge of national and international eGovernance issues
i. have the ability and readiness to acquaint oneself with various different topics in a
short period of time 5 eGovernance Fellowship Programme
j. have ability and readiness to complete inter-disciplinary work in inter-departmental
working groups
k. have proven ability and readiness to organize one’s own life arrangements in a new
xii. Procedure for application and selection of Fellows

Application Process
Applications can be submitted from July 1, 2017 – September 15, 2017, exclusively via the online application form. Applications sent by post, fax or e-mail will not be considered!
Before beginning the application process, you will need to have a valid e-mail address. You will not be able to use the same e-mail more than once or to save your details and return to complete the application at a later date. Therefore, make sure that you study the application form carefully and prepare the necessary documents (see below) before you start the on-line application process.
The application must be completed in English.

You will be requested to upload the following documents:
a. Detailed CV in English (maximum 2 pages, pdf). Please upload a CV using the template
in English.
The CV should include a description of your relevant professional experience to date and a summary of your educational and academic background, such as, name of your home
organisation, job title, number of months/years spent in each position, description of your duties and responsibilities, details of the work you have carried out, etc.
b. 3 letters of recommendation (to include one from current supervisor or senior associate at the workplace)
c. Letter of consent from your employer (pdf). You are asked to upload a signed and stamped letter of consent from your superior officer or an authorised representative (in cases where the superior officer has not been granted powers of procuration on behalf of the institution) stating that you will be approved for the necessary leave of absence for the full – time period of the Fellowship Programme from beginning August, 2018 to end October, 2018, in case that you are accepted for the Fellowship Programme.

When filling out the application form, you will be asked to provide information which requires a longer period of time for writing. You can write the text in advance in a standard text writing programme and copy / paste it into the appropriate field of the application form.
Please take into account the following instructions for the various sections of the online application:
Motivation Letter: We expect you to write a motivation letter/ statement of interest, (minimum of 300 words, maximum of 500), with a detailed presentation of your motive for applying to the Programme, relationship of your professional interest with the Programme, as well as your intermediate- and long term professional goals and expectations for your visit to the host institution.

When answering these questions online be as specific as possible:

1.Please describe your major area of professional interest and describe how it relates with the thematic fields outlined in the Call for the Fellowship Programme.
2. Please state your professional goals for the next 5 years; how will the Fellowship Programme help you reach those goals?
3. Please describe how the knowledge and skills you will gain will help you address your institution and country’s needs.

Only after you submit the application by clicking on “Submit” will we be able to register it. You will receive a notification confirming the receipt of your application. In case you wish to print a copy of your application, you will be able to do so before submitting it.

Selection process for National Fellows
Selection of applicants will be conducted in two phases – technical and qualitative selection.
Technical selection will be an administrative review, performed by MeitY. Technically non-compliant applications will be summarily rejected and applicants will be notified. Applicants pre-selected for qualitative selection may be requested to send a copy of their university diploma via e-mail. A copy of the diploma should be sent together with the translation into English.

Qualitative selection is performed by the Selection Committee. Qualitative selection will be performed in two phases:

Application evaluation
Short-listed applicants will be called for an interview during the period from October 20, 2018 until November 10, 2018.
Selected applicants will be invited to actively participate in the placement phase.

Selection process for International Fellows
Fellows selected by the Partner International Institutions will participate in the Programme upon intimation to MeitY. Placement of the International Research Fellows will be done by MeitY based on the thematic area of study of the Fellow.

Fellows’ Responsibilities
Participants are expected to be available during the overall period of the Programme and to attend each planned activity. All activities of the Programme require a full-time presence. Please take some time to carefully review the bond.

Any clarification questions concerning this call for applications should be submitted in writing via email to before September 1, 2017.

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