TechnoServe is Hiring!

TechnoServe is looking for passionate, motivated and self-starting individuals driven to work in a fast-paced skill development project. The person will have the opportunity to learn and develop project management/implementation skills that have a direct impact on improving socio-economic levels of low-income youth. The job will give the right person the opportunity to work across multiple functions, with a primary concentration in delivering quality training based on our in-house modules.

Job Description Title: Trainer and Counsellor

Reporting Supervisor: Project Manager

Location: Mumbai, India

TechnoServe Background: TechnoServe (TNS) is a not for profit economic development agency which creates business solutions to poverty. We work closely with rural and urbanizing women and men in developing countries to build enterprises that generate income, create livelihood opportunities and fuel economic growth. Headquartered in the United States, we operate in more than 30 countries.
TechnoServe has been active in India since 2007, working to: 1) Strengthen value chains: We work hands-on with smallholder farmers, enabling them to grow high-value products, engage with private sector companies and sell in profitable markets; 2) Support entrepreneurs in poor areas: We provide business training and support to women and men who want to create thriving, sustainable enterprises; 3) Promote sustainable local economic development: Our market-led approach increases incomes for target groups, catalyzing further economic and social development in their communities. More information can be found at

Program Description
TechnoServe is actively scaling-up our employability project – Creating Employment and Empowerment through Youth Development (CREEYD) – in Mumbai, which aims to enhance employability skills of underprivileged youth (age 18- 25, college dropout/college going/recent graduates) through a combination of skills training, career counselling support and corporate linkages. The program is supported in partnership with Citi Foundation. The program has reached out to more than 2500 youth across Mumbai and has trained over 1250 underprivileged students in final year of graduation, so far. The program follows a unique approach of tying up with colleges that cater to underprivileged youth and is currently working with 15-20 colleges across various locations in Mumbai. Over 50 reputed corporate employers have engaged to recruit over 250 program participants into roles with a long term career trajectory such as accounting, sales, customer service etc. The program’s unique approach towards youth employability training rests on four key pillars:
1. The Embedded Nature of our Training Delivery Model through in-college career centres, ensures the ideal mix of visibility, leverage of institutional support and momentum in youth interaction.
2. The Experiential Nature of our Curriculum draws on the best of ‘Adult Learning Principles’ with delivery methods using diverse, adaptive, self-facilitated approaches
3. Leveraging Corporate Partnerships to ensure quality job linkages for the program graduates, and to deliver corporate-led focused training programs.
4. A Focus on career counselling to engage with youth, which acts as a critical source of valuable advice and guidance which extends beyond job placements
Position Description: We are looking to hire individuals with a keen interest in working with youth in slum and college communities. The project intends to undertake an exhaustive assessment of the target underprivileged colleges in Mumbai along with providing soft skills and vocational training to interested and qualified youth (in the age group of 18-25) in the slums. Further, the project aims at improving the over-all employability of the youth in by providing them employment opportunities with corporates and other organizations.

The trainers will be responsible for identifying target groups and mobilizing them, conducting soft skills training programs in identified slum clusters/colleges in Mumbai and engaging with the youth on a regular basis advising them on personal development approaches, professional growth opportunities and providing guidance to them, through a variety of career counselling initiatives. After their training connecting them to appropriate employers and coordinating interview processes for the candidates will also be required. The trainer will also be involved in managing a helpline service, to provide post-placement support to students of the program. This role calls for a highly motivated and passionate individual, looking to make a career in development work, project management and implementation.

Preferred Skills & Experience:

 Master’s Degree in Development/Social Work/Business

 1-3 years’ work experience

 Willingness to learn and deploy various training techniques

 Keen to work on challenging behaviour change interventions and situations

 Demonstrated ability to work in a diverse team

 Excellent written and oral communication skills

 Strong analytical skills with demonstrated ability to undertake field research

 Willingness to travel across Mumbai and suburbs

All applications must be sent to, and must include an updated CV and cover letter.

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