Job opportunity @ Wipro Applying Thought in Schools, Wipro Ltd. at Bangalore

Job Title: Program Coordinator, Wipro Applying Thought in Schools, Wipro Ltd.
Based at: Bangalore, Karnataka

Overview of the Role:

Wipro Seeding Programme for Educational CSOs supports the development of new educational organizations that can contribute effectively to the improvement of Indian school education, in different parts of the country.

The programme endeavors to:

 Select committed and capable teams who share our vision of good quality education being available to every Indian child irrespective of their background
 Support the founders in setting up an effective educational organization in any geography of their choice, through a 3-year Founders’ Fellowship

The programme is part of Wipro Applying Thought in Schools, one of Wipro’s social initiatives, which works towards systemic improvement of the Indian school education by engaging with civil society organizations across the country. Over the last 16 years, the initiative has worked with 80+ organizations, many of which have made substantial contributions to educational improvement, at state and national levels.

Job Mandate: The program coordinator will help coordinate the Seeding Programme for Educational CSOs, including the setting-up of an effective support framework for Fellows, in collaboration with the program manager and the Governance Committee of Wipro Applying Thought in Schools. S/he will also contribute to other Wipro Applying Thought in Schools and Wipro Social and Community Initiatives, as required.

Primary Job Responsibilities:

 Identify new partners and coordinate with academic institutions, fellowship programmes, NGOS and other relevant entities to promote awareness of the Wipro Seeding Programme (web-link) and its offerings, especially in non-metro and under-developed regions. Strengthen and execute an outreach strategy for the same.
 Guide applicants through the selection process and assist in shortlisting appropriate teams and individuals for final selection
 Contribute to building an effective support framework based on the educational, organizational and other needs of the selected teams/orgs
 Organize trainings, workshops and mentoring based on the need of the Fellows
 Coordinate periodic reviews, annual meets etc. and work to strengthen the Fellows’ network to enable effective peer learning and collaborations
 Build and strengthen an online presence of the Wipro Seeding Programme through social media, relevant websites, print media etc.

 Coordinate the curation and maintenance of the Wipro Seeding Programme website
 Coordinate with potential partners and fellows for signing memorandum of understanding etc. and write periodic reports on the programme and share with different stakeholders
 Lead or contribute to other initiatives of Wipro Applying Thought in Schools and Wipro Social and Community Initiatives, as needed

Required Qualification:

 Graduation or above in any discipline; Masters or higher degree in Education or Social Work/Development is preferred

Work Experience:
 Professional experience of 5 years or more, preferably in both corporate sector and education/social sector
 Experience of working in or with early stage non-profit organizations for at least 2 years

 Excellent project coordination skills and ability to multi-task
 Good understanding of educational civil society in India
 Willing to work under and meet tight timelines
 Excellent written and oral communication skills, with ability to produce high quality reports and updates
 Willing to travel extensively to any part of the country and stay for extended periods outside Bangalore depending on programme requirements
 Excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to effectively deal with various external/ internal partners/stakeholders
 Excellent knowledge (written and oral) of English and fair knowledge of Hindi

Desired Qualifications:
 Previous experience of mentoring/guiding early stage organizations
 Knowledge of and familiarity with targeted use of social media, website and other online platforms for reach-out and effective networking
 Knowledge of regional Indian languages is a plus

To apply:
 Please send your resume and a cover letter to by 10th of August, 2017.


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