Tata Trusts invites applications for research grants in areas of: (i) Autism (ii) Dyslexia (iii) Public Health

Tata Trusts invites applications for research grants in three areas — autism, dyslexia and public health. Individuals not attached to any institution (such as academic institutions, research institutions, NGOs) are encouraged to apply, provided they meet the requirements. Individuals of all ages may apply.

The duration of the research grant varies from six months to one year to two years. Tata Trusts reserves the right to evaluate the projects, with respect to the topic and duration. The grant covers the following — a monthly stipend, a book / journal / research database allowance, and a communication and travel (domestic) allowance. In some cases, funds for international travel may be considered.

Eligibility criteria (General)

Junior fellowships
Open for applicants with a master’s degree or a PhD and with 4-10 years of relevant experience

Senior fellowship
Open for applicants with a master’s degree or a PhD and with 10-15 years of relevant experience, with a demonstrated ability to conduct or lead an independent research programme

Eligibility criteria (Educational qualifications)

Autism and dyslexia
Master’s degree in psychology (general or a relevant branch), education or counselling

Public health
Master’s degree or PhD in public health or community-based medicine — MMBS / MS / MD

Please note: Individuals who have already received a grant from any other entity are not eligible to apply

How to apply
Please click in the below link to download the form and send the duly filled in form along with the requested documents to igpedu@tatatrusts.org.


Please note: Application forms will be accepted by the Trusts from July 24, 2017 to August 24, 2017.

The selection process
Research Fellows will be selected based on their written proposals and a personal interview by a panel, whose decision is final. Shortlisted candidates will be informed of the date of the interview. Candidates may avail of the option of being interviewed over Skype or in person at the Trusts’ office. Candidates may note that inquiries into the status of the proposal will not be entertained. Additionally, once the decision is communicated, no further queries will be addressed.

Terms and conditions
Selected candidates will be addressed as Tata Trusts Research Fellow.

The amount of fellowship will be credited uniformly every month to their bank accounts through NEFT. Other funds will be credited as and when necessary.
Quarterly milestones will be set for the purpose of review and evaluation by a governing council. Adhering to milestones is mandatory for the continuation of the grant. Such intermediate progress reports may be submitted in the prescribed format, which will be provided once the research grant is awarded.

The Fellow should submit a final report, in the prescribed format, in the last month of the duration of the project. Fellows will receive a certificate from Tata Trusts on successful completion of their research.

In case the research project involves lab work, Tata Trusts is not liable for any damage to the person of the Research Fellow.
Research Fellows will undertake to refrain from publishing any content relating to the research until it is completed to the satisfaction of Tata Trusts. They may do so after the completion of the research with an appropriate credit to Tata Trusts.

Tata Trusts strictly adheres to a ‘no plagiarism’ policy. Should it come to light that the Research Fellow has plagiarised, the research grant will be terminated with immediate effect and Tata Trusts will reserve the right to seek the return of all the monies paid to the Research Fellow.

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