Looking for a Program Manager with Key Education Foundation

Key Education Foundation is looking for a Program Manager.

About KEF
Key Education Foundation is a not for profit, Section 8 company that works to intervene in the Early Childhood space for children from low-income communities. We are a group of motivated, excited [often too excited!], hard working, book-loving, nature-loving people who are keen to work together and create valuable social impact. We are currently supported by Central Square Foundation and Wipro Foundation.

Why Early Childhood Education?
It has become increasingly evident in the past decade that a quality pre-school education is key to a successful life. Neuroscience, economics and education all indicate that this is the most essential and impactful period for intervention and positive change.Children attending pre-school are often subjected to high academic pressure due to developmentally inappropriate curriculum and methodologies. The eventual outcome is that the child enters a formal education system with a weak foundation. Often, both child and parent are unprepared to deal with the journey through school. This trickles down to issues like dropping out, poor academic performance, delinquency etc. in the long run.

What do we do?
Key Education foundation runs a holistic intervention in the low-income pre-primary classrooms in Bangalore. The program aims to provide quality early childhood education that will ensure that all children get an equal start in their formal education and more importantly an equally strong foundation for life!
The School Readiness program will run as two parallel interventions – One for the school and the other for the parents. We currently work with 5 schools – 40 teachers – 1002 students.

To know more about our work, visit our facebook page:

Job Description:

Role: Program Manager
Location: Bangalore
Key Responsibilities:
• Manage implementation of the School Readiness program on the ground
• Visit partner schools periodically to support teachers through classroom observations and one-on-one feedback
• Build teacher capacity by delivering trainings
• Empower parents by conducting monthly parent engagement workshops
• Invest school management/leaders through periodic conversations
• Assess effectiveness of implementation of the School Readiness Program and provide feedback to strengthen the SRP.

Must have:
• Graduate degree
• Minimum 1-2 years of experience in the education sector [preferably teaching]
• Enjoy working with children and in schools

Nice to have:
• Experience working with children aged 3-6 years
• Specialization/degree in Early Childhood Education
• Knowledge of spoken Kannada [and/or Tamil/Telugu]
• Sunny Disposition [well, at least most of the time]

Salary will be commensurate with current market standards and candidate’s prior experience

Mail your application/queries to swetha@keyeducationfoundation.org
You can also call us at +91 7760040201

If you are passionate about working with young children and believe with all your heart that they deserve the best start in life, this is the place for you. We believe in giving freedom and ownership to every member of our team to give it everything they have got.
We believe in bringing together great people – great food – great books – and a truckload of passion, commitment and hard work to do some amazing work.

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