Education Specialist for Varthana on contract basis at Bhubaneshwar

Job Description : Education Specialist – School Transformation Program

What we do? (

Varthana is the brand name of Thirumeni Finance Private Limited, an exciting Bangalore based non-banking finance company (NBFC) focused on the education sector. The company provides loans and support to private schools serving the low income population to improve the school quality, infrastructure and learning outcomes. With 200 million school-going students, India has one of the largest education markets. With 40% of enrolled children preferring private schools over government schools, and only 25% of schools being private schools, there is a growing gap that needs to be addressed. Access to capital is one of the most important requirements of school owners for addressing this gap. Money is needed to build additional classrooms, purchase benches, computers, to set up labs and library, etc. Unfortunately, most private schools find it very difficult to raise money from formal sources. Varthana aims to fill this gap.

Varthana’s vision is to transform the affordable education landscape in India. To achieve this, Varthana will need to help provide more than basic financing to schools. We have also initiated a “Beyond Loans” effort through which we help connect schools with solution providers who have innovative and cost effective solutions that address schools’ major needs. As a part of the Beyond Loans initiative, Varthana has initiated a program called the School Transformation Program (STP) in order to better understand which interventions and approaches lead to the most dramatic improvements in school quality, and to design a strategy to deliver those interventions at scale. The program aims to comprehensively assess schools over time and link improvements in learning outcomes to tangible financial benefits for the school. The success of this program can have wide implications for all stakeholders in the education sector including the government, schools, teachers, students and parents. After a successful pilot with 6 schools in 2014(Bangalore), over 30 schools in 2015(Bangalore, Pune and Nagpur) and over 160 schools in 2016(Bangalore, Pune, Nagpur, Chennai and Bhubaneswar), Varthana is planning to expand and impact over 350 schools in 2017 through its School Transformation Program.

What does an Education Specialist – School Transformation Program do?

1) Engage with schools for the contract period and provide ongoing support to the school leader through direct intervention (training, planning, etc.)

2) Planning and Conducting events, workshops or training sessions for teachers, school leaders and students 

3) Work with our Assessment Partner to conduct a Midline assessment in schools  

4) Over and above the mentioned responsibilities, the specialists are required to be efficient at documentations.

This role is on a contract basis from July-November 2017

Location : Bhubaneshwar

 Contact : , 

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