Looking for a Wonder Woman or a Superman

Go Book Bank is a non-profit trust.

Our objectives are:

  1. To take books to places where they are not available, and
  2. To achieve English literacy among children in the communities of our outreach.

How it works:

  1. Go Book Bank installs libraries within communities of need.
  2. The librarian runs the library for free borrowing within the community.
  3. The librarian conducts literacy programs with children in the community.
  4. Go Book Bank and Leap For Word jointly train the librarian.
  5. The librarian hires people to deliver books to customers of Go Book Bank in their neighborhood.

What we achieve:

  1. Community-based libraries in areas where there were no libraries.
  2. Literacy: Within 4 months participants in the program are able to read 4-letter words with complete literacy achieved in only 24 months.
  3. Trained and active entrepreneurs who create new employment opportunities.

We are fully funded to support 5 librarians’ salaries for three years and one change maker (you!) at a monthly salary of 25K Rs.

The changemaker is required to: undergo the training for the literacy program at Leap For Word in Maharashtra for 2 weeks, return and set up the libraries, hire five librarians and train them, and conduct activities based on the Community Library Project.

We are looking at a person to get things done, we are just getting started and the learning curve with us will be high. We would like to receive a commitment of at least 3 years (hopefully more).

Those interested, please do email to Mr. Ravi Menezes – gobookbank.org@gmail.com to schedule an interview.

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