Role :  Academic Incharge

Location : Mohgaon, Mandla

Job description:

  1. Able to work with teachers closely to guide them with academics,
  2. Sit in on classes to observe and provide feedback to teachers
  3. Establish formats and processes to monitor teachers
  4. Teach a few classes, if required
  5. Plan for introduction of new classes
  6. Introduce new practices with respect to pedagogy
  7. Document each process for internal and social media purposes
  8. Any other with respect to academics as assigned by management.


We are ideally looking for a person who has experience of working inside the school system and understands teachers’ challenges. Experience of 2-3 years is sufficient. Strong academics especially in Math/Sciences is a must.

Those interested, please send a copy of CV to along with a write up on why this role interests you and how you would make a difference.